Download Office•Words Search and Replace

The evaluation version of Office•Words Search and Replace is almost fully functional for 30 days since the moment of installation.

Supported Operating Systems & System Requirements

Office•Words runs on Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / XP x64 Edition / 2000.

Office•Words requires that Microsoft Office is installed on your computer.

Feel free to view Revision History if you are interested.

What's Next?

Read Quick Start Guide

Office•Words has an extensive help system available from within the program (press F1 or click Help link in the bottom right corner of the window), or from the Start Windows menu. Follow the step-by-step instructions - and you'll get your job done.

Consider Purchasing

Take a piece of paper or run Excel and calculate - how much does your hour cost? If you don't want to spend your time away editing files manually, maybe it's not a bad idea to get yourself a little helper tool.

Get Free Lifetime License

To get a non-commercial lifetime license for Office•Words Search and Replace, simply translate it to your native language. Localization Instructions

Download Current Localizations

All the up-to-date localizations for Office•Words Search and Replace are already included in the installation package. If you have the current version installed without a user interface language you'd like to use, you can download it individually for use with your existing installation. Right-click on the file link and select Save Object As...